Set in Venice in the late 19th century and based on Jean Pavans's scenic adaptation of Henry James’ eponymous novella, The Aspern Papers is a story of obsession, grandeur lost, and dreams of Byronic adventures.


  Ambitious editor Morton Vint is fascinated by the Romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern and by his icon’s short and wildly romantic life. Having travelled from America to Venice, he is determined to get his hands on the letters Aspern wrote to his beautiful lover and muse, Juliana Bordereau.

  Now the ferocious guardian of their secrets, Juliana lives in a grand but rather dilapidated Venetian palazzo with her niece, Miss Tina. Posing as prospective lodger, Morton charms Miss Tina, who leads a very quiet life dominated by her aunt.  At first hiding his real intentions, he eventually confesses his true passion to Miss Tina. She reluctantly agrees to help him. But Juliana is suspicious of Morton, and a confrontation between the two of them shows how frail the strong-willed old lady actually is.  Morton flees the house.  When he returns, he learns of Juliana’s death. Miss Tina is now willing to share the infamous letters with him, but the condition she sets is one that Morton finds he cannot fulfill, after all.

Deeply ashamed by the rejection, Tina overcomes her embarrassment and hurt and finds an unknown inner strength. When Morton reconsiders his decision, she confronts him with a revelation.







JOELY RICHARDSON             Miss Tina

VANESSA REDGRAVE            Juliana Bordereau

LOIS ROBBINS                      Mrs Prest

JON KORTAJARENA              Jeffrey Aspern

POPPY DELEVINGNE             Signora Colonna

MORGANE POLANSKI            Valentina Prest

BARBARA MEIER                   Emily

ALICE AUFRAY                       Young Juliana

NICOLAS HAU                       The Romantic Poet